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Service and repair iPhone 11 Pro

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Diagnostics (fault detection does not start cannot be turned on)FREE*
Replacing cracked glass (broken windshield glass display multitouch)9.990 CZK
Front Panel Replacement (broken glass slide glass display multitouch)13.390 CZK
Battery replacement (battery does not last does not charge does not start does not turn on)2.440 CZK
Replacing the back cover (body aluminum metal steel chassis glass slide)5.940 CZK
Replacing the power button (power button button)1.490 CZK
Replace the volume buttons (volume button alignment button)1.490 CZK
Replace the volume switch (silent switch silent mode)1.490 CZK
Replacing the power connector (the charging data port does not start)1.840 CZK
Replacing the microphone (mic dictaphone)2.940 CZK
Loud speaker replacement (does not ring the bell does not play to play)2.140 CZK
Replacing the ear speaker (handset)1.940 CZK
Rear camera replacement (camera camera video)3.440 CZK
Rear Camera Glass Replacement (cover camera camera video glass slide)1.040 CZK
Front camera replacement (camera camera video Facetime)2.940 CZK
Distance sensor replacement (proximity sensor)3.990 CZK
Wi-Fi repair (wifi internet connection weak signal chip antenna chip)5.890 CZK
Replacing GSM antenna (operator SIM internet connection weak signal chip antenna chip)5.890 CZK
Vibration unit replacement (does not vibrate vibrator does not buzz)3.490 CZK
Replacing the SIM reader (operator does not read SIM internet connection weak signal chip antenna chip)2.940 CZK
Straighten the back cover (body body aluminum metal steel chassis bent deformed)from 990 CZK
Straightening the frame (body body aluminum metal steel chassis bent deformed)from 690 CZK
Repair after ingress of liquid (deoxidation sea water moisture oxidation corrosion heated drowned submerged does not start turn on)from 790 CZK
Motherboard repair (can not turn on wifi chip chip gyroscope accelerometer compass flex suspend deoxidation sea water moisture oxidation corrosion liquid motherboard mother logic board SMD soldering heated drowned submerged does not work baseband CPU overheats NAND does not start)from 4.990 CZK
Software (recovery, unblock, etc ...) (restore blocked operator imported unknown PIN password update factory settings iOS data recovery iTunes reinstall reinstall installation cleaning delete not boot)from 240 CZK

We recommend also those extra services

Professional glass / film installation (sticking stick glass hardened protection)140 CZK
Professional glass / foil installation on the whole body (sticking stick glass hardened protection)190 CZK
Mechanical cleaning (nets dust dirt soil grime clogged ventilator overheating turning off)from 290 CZK
Issue of a service report (eg for an insurance company) (crap safety policy )FREE
Cut out SIM card to smaller size (micro, nano) ()FREE
Training and expert advice (consultation consulting iCloud Photo Stream application App Store iTunes contacts photos photographs pictures videos transfer data copy to computer how to override)690 CZK / h.

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We are able to repair other devices and defects.
Don’t hesitate and contact us; we will gladly help you with any problem.

By handing over a device for repair or purchasing a new product, the customer agrees to the processing of their personal data in compliance with the GDPR.

* Diagnostics are free-of-charge in the case of repairs; otherwise it is paid for based on the current price list.
Discounts do not apply to service repairs done for special prices. Service (maintenance) is done by an external expert who does not charge VAT.

Let us do your repair = You won’t despair*

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Free app after any repair

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